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Kavitha: Art that Flows
Kavitha: Art that Flows

I open my eyes

To find around me a field abloom.

Stretching so far, they touch the skies.

Daffodils, roses, posies and plumes

All greeting me with a sunlit smile.

Asking me to stay a while.



Gentle petals brush my skin.

And their welcoming scent,

Makes me warm within.

They fill me up with all I’d spent,

Drained by tears, anger and dissent.



All the clouds have been cleared

Bright blue skies

Chase away all that I feared

Now, my flower is ready to bloom

No more is it haunted by gloom.



A bubbly and babbling

brook nearby,

Whispers to me 

"It’s all alright."

Slowly lulling me back to sleep

Reminding me again

Never to weep.


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