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New Beginnings
New Beginnings
Bored of her lessons, a little girl dreamt of pretty dresses and fancy shoes as her teacher droned on about tests and marks. Doodles of frocks and gowns filled the margins of her notebook. Unfortunately like everyone else she grew up. And like most adults left those dreams behind in the pages of those old copies. This is where the story begins; the story of our little studio.

While working at her nine to five job, she would often revisit those abandoned dreams. Fortunately, she gathered her courage, left her old job behind and started pursuing that dream.

It started out small; a little venture from home. A small room was everything from design studio to the packaging unit. It was all so exciting, creating designs, having new customers. Orders would come in and parcels sent out—each package with a personal message packed and sent with love. Soon there were calls for exhibitions. Travel to new cities, responses from different people. The exhibitions were interesting. It was not just about the sales; it was about meeting the people who bought the clothes. They were such interesting women; each piece created is different, and so is the woman who picks it.

The studio came next, a proper place of business. Things had just become official. Rich teak furniture that came from home adorned the store. People started visiting the store. They bought things off the racks. More orders came in. There were more exhibitions in different cities.
And now, the next big step, we’re going online. A webpage, an Instagram handle, a Facebook page, we’re going all out. Our little studio isn’t going to be so little anymore. We are hoping that more people will be able to enjoy our clothes.

There may have been many changes over the years, but some things will remain the same. We might go from one tiny room to a studio, but you will still find those heartfelt messages wrapped with care in each of our packages that arrive at your doorstep.


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