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The Little Flower
The Little Flower

I grew up in the beautiful and lush green state of Kerala where my cousins and I would often run around barefoot as we frolicked about in one of the many plantations that my parents owned. All the boys and girls would play together, all of us climbing trees, plucking fruits and throwing pellets. We would be dressed in pretty and comfortable clothing that would often get streaked in mud while we ran around playing hide and seek among the trees. I do remember how we would get yelled at for messing up our clothes, and we would all hang our heads together as my mother would lecture us about being good girls. But we would be at it again the next day, all the lectures forgotten, with the excitement of a new day. 

I was always a bit of a tomboy, I loved playing games with the boys and often got into scuffles. That didn’t mean I didn’t love my dolls and dresses, I always held a fascination for clothes, especially pretty frocks. But like every other little girl, I would kick up a fuss when it came to wearing grand dresses with layers like a wedding cake and fabrics and sequins that itched. Young girls often throw tantrums when it comes to wearing dresses that they find uncomfortable, and I was no different. Weddings, ceremonies and gatherings were no fun to me cause I had to bear itchy and uncomfortable clothing which often made me sulky.

All this came back to me when I found this diary entry that I made as a child. (I’ll admit I fixed the grammar and spelling a bit, maybe a lot)

Dear Diary, 

Today I was playing in the garden with Chechi (sister). Chettan (brother) was washing his cycle nearby and splashed us with water from his bucket. By the time Chechi brought Amma outside, we were both completely wet and got scolded. Then we had to get ready for Chachan’s wedding, I really didn’t want to wear the new yellow dress Amma got me. The sequins are so scratchy and I had to hold my arms up the whole time I wore it. Everyone made fun of me saying I looked like a scarecrow. So I ran around chasing them saying that I was a zombie that was going to eat them up. 

 All these memories are what gave rise to Mia clothing line that I have made for girls between the ages of 2 to 6 years. It’s been created with a lot of care using delicate and comfortable fabrics and designs that allow them to look pretty while being their young and happy selves. Young girls should be free to enjoy their childhood in any way they please, whether it’s running around playing superhero with their brothers, or having elegant princess parties with their friends.


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