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Summer Bloom
Summer Bloom

It was a hot and sticky summer in Kerala. The flowers blooming in beautiful shades of purple and pink adorned our garden walls. I watched my mother’s hands move in fluid strokes as she recreated this beauty on her canvas. It was gorgeous, those light pinks and purples painstakingly replicated from the flowers blooming in our tiny garden. Amma (mother) often spent time painting, even during my childhood. It was not just the painting itself, but the atmosphere, the strokes, the colours, all of it exuded a certain charm and elegance that seems to have been lost with time. I had an urge to resuscitate those feelings that had been lost. The Summer Bloom collection arose from that very urge. The collection is an embodiment of those feelings on fabric. Unfortunately, they could not be hand painted even though mother offered to do so. But, I was successful in replicating those colours on fabrics. The fabrics are reminiscent of warm summers spent in the lap of nature. You can almost imagine an artist dipping her brush in watercolours to create those clusters of flowers that adorn the pleats of the saree. The Summer Bloom collection in light pastels hues is truly a canvas draped in the form of a saree.


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